About Restylane®

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The Restylane range of aesthetic treatments are designed to get to the heart of the problem of ageing skin. The various products in the Restylane filler and skinbooster range are designed specifically to work at different levels of your skin to give you a radiant look you'll love.

Restylane fillers smooth out wrinkles, increase lost volume in the face and define your lips. Restylane skinboosters are specifically designed to restore your skins natural hydration, or hydrobalance leaving your skin looking visibly younger, smoother and softer, with a beautiful lustre and glow. The Restylane range of fillers and skinboosters are scientifically proven to assist in improving your skins elasticity and structure, giving you a youthful look you'll love.

Photo of a Restylane modelCan anyone have a Restylane treatment?

Most people can benefit a from Restylane treatment. The Restylane range of products can be used in a number of ways by your qualified Restylane practitioner to suit your individual treatment needs, discuss with your local practitioner your individual treatment wishes;

  • Reduce lines, wrinkles and folds.
  • Create more defined or fuller lips for that sensuous smile
  • Define the contours and restore volume to your face, in areas such as the chin or cheeks
  • Boost your skin’s vitality, for a healthier more hydrated skin tone

Restylane should not be used in or near areas where there is or has been skin disease, inflammation or skin related problems. No skin test is required as Restylane does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. For more information on whether you are suitable for Restylane treatment, visit our FAQ's section or consult a qualified Restylane Practitioner in your area to find out more.