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When it comes to healthy skin, what you put inside the body can be as important as what you apply topically. The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a cutting edge nutritional system that supports topical skincare regimes recommended by professionals.

Great skincare starts from within. This professional-only nutritional supplements range is available to consumers exclusively through beauty salons, spas and aesthetic clinics to enable a truly holistic approach to skincare.


Advanced Nutrition Programme™ nutraceuticals are designed to provide optimum daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and other vital elements to support a healthy lifestyle and to help maintain a glowing complexion. A Food Intolerance Test and a range of nutrition books are also available to support clients.

Diet and supplementation plays a major role in creating healthy skin, hair and nails, so the range has found an appropriate niche in beauty salons and spas where therapists witness real improvements in their clients. It provides a level of focus on skin health that is not typically found in high street ranges.

No single nutrient holds the secret to healthy youthful skin. It is the combination of vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients, working together, that create and maintain healthy skin cells. Hence, the range offers a simple building block approach where each product is designed to work and balance with other products in the series. This means that an individual with dry skin, for example, who wants better hydration and to build collagen, and who wants extra antioxidant sun-protective defences for her holiday, can add another product to her foundation supplement.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Probiotics Pack ShotThe benefits of oral supplements

Lorraine Perretta, head of nutrition at the International Instititute for Ant-Ageing, says “Research from the British Journal of Nutrition in 2006 concludes that taking oral supplements has many benefits over topical application. It supports the importance of supplements that feed skin over the entire body, in an easily absorbable form and which can nourish even the deeper layers of the skin.&ldquo

Problems like dryness, excess oil, congested skin and the signs of premature premature ageing may benefit from targeted supplements from the Skin range.

The Wellbeing range is packed with vitamins and minerals that work together to support optimum health. Weight, digestion, the immune system and general health may all be supported by effective nutrition and supplementation.

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