At a Snail Pace

A certain type of facial has been in the press recently consisting of letting loose some snails on the face..  this is a Japanese facial going down a storm in Tokyo, not sure how it would fare in Eastbourne!!

My new Endocare Products will do the same but without the live snails...

In the news recently a new Japanese Facial based on letting snails crawl over the face and leaving behing their slime to improve the skin! Well, I am not partial to letting creepy crawlies on the rampage on my skin, and being half French, I would rather eat them with a nice garlic sauce!

But seriously, there is something in this slime business as a skin improvement ingredient. I have launched a new product on my website which would do the same thing but without the little slimy ones being let loose on your face.

Endocare products have been devised by Dermatologists and are based on SCA Repair technology taken from a particular Mollusc (Cryptomphallus Aspersa), that is a particular type of snail to you and me!

These products are packed with growth factors which stimulate the regeneration of the skin. Also the miracle ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid which is nature's own moisturizer.

Rember these snails are exposed to much more extreme environmental stresses ie UV raditation and extreme changes of temperatures and if they can survive all that, it should be a walk in the park for the rest of us!

Endocare products also list as ingredients, Vit E and antioxidants to help keep those nasty freeradicals at bay.


Monique x

Monique Duchene
Monique Duchene


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January 13, 2017

C’est tout à fait tranquille, Polo. Mais comme disait un célèbre commentateur de foot : “il suffit de deux ou trois ex1t0é&#823i;&#822c; En tout cas, pour des concerts semi-clandestins, avoue que ça a de la gueule…

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