Mineral Make Up Rocks!

                                                                      WHY BPC MAKE UP?


Totally natural, this complete make up line is actually good for all skin types, even the most sensitive.  No talc, mineral oil, harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used.

The light mineral powders allow the skin to breathe naturally and because the molecules of the powder are too large to penetrate the skin, it does not clogg the pores.  This helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and create a youthful glow.  

The powder has no sell by date as the mineral rock is completely inert and therefore cannot harbour bacteria, making it ideal for skins prone to acne or breakouts.  It helps to conceal redness, pigmentation, light bruising and any uneven skin tone or blemishes you wish to disguise.  It will work as a foundation and concealer rolled into one.

My model below has some natural redness in her skin and uneven skin tone as you can see from the first photo taken.                                                                  

 Step 1:  Clean face & apply moisturizer if you want, letting it sink in before applying BPC.


Step 2:  Apply BPC foundation lightly in small circular movements with Kabuki brush, finishing off by sweeping the brush down the face and neck.  You can apply as many layers as you wish, to build up to desired effect.  It is so light and will never feel heavy on the skin.

Step 3:  You are ready to rock!


Monique Duchene
Monique Duchene


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January 13, 2017

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