July 19, 2013

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At a Snail Pace

A certain type of facial has been in the press recently consisting of letting loose some snails on the face..  this is a Japanese facial going down a storm in Tokyo, not sure how it would fare in Eastbourne!!

My new Endocare Products will do the same but without the live snails...

In the news recently a new Japanese Facial based on letting snails crawl over the face and leaving behing their slime to improve the skin! Well, I am not partial to letting creepy crawlies on the rampage on my skin, and being half French, I would rather eat them with a nice garlic sauce!

But seriously, there is something in this slime business as a skin improvement ingredient. I have launched a new product on my website which would do the same thing but without the little slimy ones being let loose on your face.

Endocare products have been devised by Dermatologists and are based on SCA Repair technology taken from a particular Mollusc (Cryptomphallus Aspersa), that is a particular type of snail to you and me!

These products are packed with growth factors which stimulate the regeneration of the skin. Also the miracle ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid which is nature's own moisturizer.

Rember these snails are exposed to much more extreme environmental stresses ie UV raditation and extreme changes of temperatures and if they can survive all that, it should be a walk in the park for the rest of us!

Endocare products also list as ingredients, Vit E and antioxidants to help keep those nasty freeradicals at bay.


Monique x

June 05, 2013




Matrixyl 3000 has been mentioned in the press recently as the ingredient for the fight against wrinkles!


Matrixyl is a synthetic compound that is created combining two existing peptides in the skin, to create a totally new peptide group.  These peptides function in a similar way to Vitamin C in helping to create new collagen in the skin. They help cells resist the damaging effects of UVA radiation, strenghten your skin's protective barriers and promote the production of new collagen.  Collagen is found naturally in your skin and is the structural support that crisscrosses beneath the skin and makes it firm.  As you age, this process breaks down gradually, making the skin look older and with loss of elasticity.  


June 03, 2013

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Mineral Make Up Rocks!

                                                                      WHY BPC MAKE UP?


Totally natural, this complete make up line is actually good for all skin types, even the most sensitive.  No talc, mineral oil, harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used.

The light mineral powders allow the skin to breathe naturally and because the molecules of the powder are too large to penetrate the skin, it does not clogg the pores.  This helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and create a youthful glow.  

The powder has no sell by date as the mineral rock is completely inert and therefore cannot harbour bacteria, making it ideal for skins prone to acne or breakouts.  It helps to conceal redness, pigmentation, light bruising and any uneven skin tone or blemishes you wish to disguise.  It will work as a foundation and concealer rolled into one.

My model below has some natural redness in her skin and uneven skin tone as you can see from the first photo taken.                                                                  

 Step 1:  Clean face & apply moisturizer if you want, letting it sink in before applying BPC.


Step 2:  Apply BPC foundation lightly in small circular movements with Kabuki brush, finishing off by sweeping the brush down the face and neck.  You can apply as many layers as you wish, to build up to desired effect.  It is so light and will never feel heavy on the skin.

Step 3:  You are ready to rock!


May 24, 2013


Benefits of using sunblock

Hoping for some sunshine at last, although this lady might have had a bit too much sun exposure!  

          As you know, a little of what you like does you good.  But, as always moderation is the key.  I live on the sunny south coast of England, which cannot be classified as subtropical climate in any shape or form.  But, the skin damage that I see on a regular basis could make you think the opposite.  Even going for a stroll on a dull day could result in damage to your skin, as UVA and UVB will filter through clouds.  The damage might not be visible straight away but can be accumulative through a lifetime of exposure. Small broken veins will appear, brown patches of hyperpigmentation, coarse dull skin with wrinkling and lack of elasticity, all accelarating the ageing process of the skin.

 I know, I am not  painting a pretty picture.  Add to it a bottle of wine and 40 cigarettes a day ...........ok, enough preaching!  

The majority of people I see feel that the damage cannot be reversed and that as long as they now take precaution, ie using a sunblock, all will be well.  Experience has taught me that damage can be reversed with the right skincare regime. The main vitamins for skin health being Vit A, C, E and the buzz word Antioxidants.  All these ingredients are found in the Environ skincare range. Damage reversal is a continous process and not occuring further damage is paramount with a suitable sunblock.  Environ's RAD sunblock not only shields from UVA and UVB rays but is packed with antioxidants making you less sun sensitive with regular use.

We don't want to be all so frightened of the sun that we end up deficient in Vit D!

Cancer research advises sunlight exposure for about 20 minutes a day without a sunblock to synthetise your daily requirements of Vit D, after that, slather on the sunblock.   The ulimate price to  pay would be too high,  with skin cancer on the increase.




March 12, 2013


Healthy Make Up by Barbara Panagos


Welcome to my new website!


As well as the creams and supplements for a beautiful skin, take a look at the Barbara Panagos Make Up Page.  Mineral make up has been a buzzword for some time and when there is a bandwagon to jump on, everybody jumps, it is only human nature after all.  Lots of mineral make up ranges on the high street, but experience has taught me that quality can vary greatly.  I was first introduced to the concept of mineral make up 18 years ago in my previous life as a nurse working with cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists for a large cosmetic group in London.

Following a facelift, patients were coming back 48 hrs post surgery to see the nurses.  After taking all the bandaging off and washing a patient's hair, we were taught how to apply mineral make up in the form of a powder and with a brush!  This concept was totally alien to me, coming from the generation when foundation was liquid and applied with your fingers or if you were lucky a sponge!  However, I soon got the hang of it and can now say hand on heart that I could never go back to a liquid foundation using my fingers, how strange that concept now appears!  I soon realised that it was very good at hiding any kind of post surgery trauma ie: redness, bruising, blotches on the skin.  Patients left looking and feeling a mile better after their ordeal at our hands!!!

But it can be worn as an everyday makeup, and yours truly is a convert.  It is excellent for sensitive skin eg eczema, roseacea etc and will always sit on the skin and not clog it, hence good for any congested skin or acne. Based on the mineral Mica, it is totally inert, will not harbour bacteria and as it sits on the surface of the skin, will not sink and highlight our wrinkles, very important for us ladies of a certain age!.

It is so pure and healthy with a built in sunblock that you could actually sleep in it, but remember girls, your mother always told you never to do that.  After playing around with several brands, I settled for the Barbara Panagos range which I found less drying on the skin than others and good value for money, although it is a professional product and not found on the high street.  If anyone is interested, Barbara Panagos was a make up artist in Hollywood before bringing out her own makeup range and I like to dream and pretend that maybe this make up adorned the face of George Clooney!  Look out next on the site for when I will bring in a video link to show you all how to apply the makeup. It is very important to know how to apply it and use the right tools and as we know the right tools are always important for any renovation job.

Any comments on this article welcome, it is a learning curve.